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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Never a Dull Moment...

Last night I was booting around the Byward Market when I got a text from The Tall Estonian.  "Great day to not hang out here, cause you just missed a plane doing a wheels up landing".

Because I'm me, I jumped in my car and drove back to the airport, where I was just in time to watch the guys from the OFC placing the injured bird outside the club with the help of a crane.  The plane in question was a Cessna 206 Amphibian, and the pilot had found he had problems with his landing gear, which prevented him from landing properly.  So he had opted to land on the grass beside runway 22, in case the emergency vehicles were required.  Thankfully they were not, the pilot was unharmed, and there was minimal damage to the plane.

The pictures are courtesy of the Tall Estonian, as once again I did not have my camera.  When am I going to learn to just carry it with me all the time?

This photograph is definitely my favourite.  It makes me giggle uncontrollably every time I look at it...
Look at that concentration!

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