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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Here's an interesting word - "Obsession". 
Dictionary.com says:



.  The domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea,image, desire, etc.

UrbanDictionary.com has a few different takes on the word "obsession"
  •  Something you can't stop doing because you are officially addicted to it.  
  • A word best used to sum up the Cardiff City supporters love affair with Swansea City FC. Swansea City FC are said to dominate or preoccupy the thoughts, feelings and desires of the uneducated Cardiff City fans. 
  • Nature's way of telling you "this rocks!"
And my personal favourite...
  • A word used by the lazy to describe dedication.
I've heard this word a lot lately.  Mostly people saying to me "You're obsessed".  I suppose it certainly comes off that way.  But I'm looking at it in a slightly different light.

I have so much to learn.  I've spent most of my life absorbing everything I could in relation to archaeology.  My brain was wired and trained through years of school to be an archaeologist's brain.  I asked My Instructor once how long he had wanted to be a pilot, and he said since he was about ten years old.  He's almost twenty now, so that's ten solid years of being interested in aviation.  It seems to be the trend - people who want to be pilots have generally wanted it since they were young children.  They probably would have picked up on all the things that I am only learning now all throughout their youth. 

I have a lot to learn.  And I want to take in everything I can.  I'm starting out a little late here - I can only say that I have been interested in aviation for seven months now, and have wanted to be a pilot for only four.  It sure as hell doesn't make me any less determined that I will be a pilot, but I'm a little behind.  I need to catch up.  If I can absorb everything I can about aviation and learn quickly, it can only make me a better pilot.

So perhaps I am a little obsessed, or perhaps I am simply conscious that there is a lot I don't know, and a lot that I want to know.  The pursuit of knowledge regarding something you are passionate about is a wonderful quest.

Don't say obsessed like it's a bad thing.


  1. I, for one am very glad that you are "obsessed". It will make you a more conscientious pilot! Keep up the good work!

  2. Your enthusiasm reminds me of myself in 1985,
    when I was 22. I was briefly in a ground
    school, learning about the theory of flying
    gliders. Not hang gliders, sailplanes.

    But, I ran out of money. (And I guess as the
    years went by...I also ran out of nerve.)