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Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day in the Sky

Yesterday afternoon one of the pilots from the Algonquin program was kind enough to take me for a flight.  The wind was pretty strong, but I said that a bumpy flight didn't bother me if it didn't bother him, so off we went!  We flew south of the city and followed the highway for a while, and then out into the country towards my house.  I almost didn't see it at first - it was right under the nose of the plane, so it was only when we were right above it that I spotted it.  The pilot circled it a few times, and I took a few photographs.  I could see my Mum and Basil (our beagle) out in the garden, and Mum was waving - she figured out it was me.

It was very interesting.  I have never seen my house from above like that, and it was really nice to see all of the surrounding land.  Although I kind of knew, I had no idea that we lived so far out in the middle of nowhere.  No wonder it takes me 45 minutes to an hour to get into the city!  Fifteen minutes in a Cessna is way better!  Time to build a personal landing strip, I think!

The other thing that surprised me was just how many little aerodromes are out here in the country.  We saw at least four active ones, and one abandoned.  And yet once we got away from the airport traffic, we didn't see another plane until we turned back towards the city and rejoined the circuit.

Since HRM, The Queen is in town, there were restrictions in the NOTAMs.  There was an area around the downtown which was restricted airspace for the day - kind of a shame, as it would have been cool to see some of the Canada Day celebrations from above.  These restrictions stopped us from landing on 22/04, our usual runway, and was hindering the use of 25/07 also, so we ended up landing on 32.  A 10,000ft runway seems a little excessive for a tiny little Cessna really...

All in all it was a lovely afternoon.  Really I don't care where I go, I am just happy to be in the air!


  1. Soooo cool that your mom was waving to you!!

    Happy belated Canada Day!

    Giulia :)

  2. Hey Flygirl
    Nice little bit of acreage there. Very pretty.
    Gotta love the classic 73, so enjoy the flight.
    As for runway lengths, there is no such thing as too much runway!
    I am enjoying hearing about you training woes. It takes me back to my early days. I soloed in a C150 Aerobat and remember it well. Yes, your worries are the same as pretty much everyone else's at that stage!

  3. Cheers Flyboy! I'm getting that feedback a lot, and I'm loving it! I guess a lot of pilots I have spoken to don't even think about any difficulties they had in learning.

    I can't wait for my solo! I need to get everything sorted out soon because I think that soon I will be ready! Crazy! :)

  4. You will not even see it coming. Your instructor will just hop out on the tarmac and tell you that the airplane will climb better without him(or her) and there you are! Savour the moment when it comes!

  5. Ah Flyboy. My situation is a little different. I will definitely see it coming (which I am pleased about). My Instructor is a class IV instructor, meaning that he can't directly send me for my solo. I have to do my first couple of circuits with a supervisor instructor before he sends me off by myself for the first time.

    I'm OK with that. I want to know it's coming. I thrive on excited nerves!! Hahaha. Plus I want to know what day to wear a black shirt instead of a white one, because apparently I get a bucket of water dumped on me after my first solo. Yeesh. :)

    Good news though- my medical arrived today! It will be SOON!